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悲剧啊,dreamhost 主机不让域名泛解析 – VPS Site-VPS信息站

悲剧啊,dreamhost 主机不让域名泛解析。前几天站长不说搞了个9bl.net 久部落域名,想来搞个WordPress MU嘛。

后来才知道需要设置域名泛解析,就在网上找到了这样一篇文章: http://www.hosting-oversea.com/viewthread.php?tid=64

DH是支持泛域名解析的.但是由于Wildcard DNS 很消耗资源,默认没有支持.

Wildcard DNS is not something that DreamHost technically supports oroffers to its customers. There is currently no way to set up wildcardDNS entries through the control panel despite having the ability to addan asterisk (*) record to a hosted domain. An additional ApacheServerAlias must be to be added to the httpd.conf file for the Apacheservice that your domain is assigned to, and simply creating anasterisk (*) DNS record will not do this.
DreamHost may, in special cases, set this up for a customer. This isa manual procedure for the support staff so please make sure that it’ssomething that you absolutely need before requesting it. Please alsomake sure that you’re aware of the technical implications of having awildcard DNS entry set up on your domain. Keep in mind that as this isnot a feature provided by your web hosting account your request may,unfortunately, be denied.
Should you feel that you need a wildcard DNS entry set up for your domain, you may submit a support ticket to the support team through the control panel.

如果你的域名需要一个wildcard DNS entry,可以给dreamhost客服发送一个请求,让他们来帮你设置wildcard DNS entry就可以了。
1. 首先确认确实需要泛域名解析,需要有足够的理由来说服dreamhost;比如你用了
2. 进入dreamhost控制面板:https://panel.dreamhost.com ,在左边的菜单选择 Support –> Contact Support
3. 输入以下内容:

Hi ,
I would like to set up the wildcard DNS on my domain www.your-domain.com

总之。。 一天之内,都会给开通的。”

Unfortunately, since you are on a shared server, we are not able to set
this up for you:
You would need to upgrade to a VPS:
You can do that in your panel under VPS / Enable VPS Service.
悲剧啊,必须要开通dreamhost vps 吗?太贵了!

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