As a GAE web application, Hyk-proxy is powerful for you to get access those websites blocked in China or some other countries.

As mentioned before, you need three softwares to use any GAE web app, and below are the detailed steps for how to install and use Hyk-proxy:

I. How to install Hyk-proxy

To install Hyk-proxy is easy, just a few steps:

Step 1. To create a GAE application

Create GAE application for hyk-proxy

Sign in your GAE account and add an application ID which is available.

Step 2. To download Java and Google App Engine SDK for Java

If you haven’t gotten these two softwares on hand as mentioned before, you can download Java on its official website, and download Google App Engine SDK for Java from Google Code.

Step 3. To download Hyk-proxy server and Hyk-proxy client

download hyk proxy

You can download Hyk-proxy server and Hyk-proxy client on the Hyk-proxy Downloads webpage.

Step 4. To extract and install the download files

Extract the zip files you download and install the Java client.

Step 5. Deploy Task

Open the install.bat file in the hyk-proxy-server folder, define the location of the Google App Engine SDK for Java folder, then you will see a window like below:

hyk-proxy deploy task

The AppID should be the GAE application ID you have created, the AppLocation should be the location of the War folder in the Hyk-proxy server directory, and the Email and Password should be same as your GAE’s.

Click the Deploy button when all information is correct, if everything is going on well, you will see “Success” in the column of Tasks execute Details.

Step 6. To add GAE application ID to Hyk-proxy client


Open the startgui.bat file in the bin folder of the Hyk-proxy client directory, click the Config button on the pop-up window, add your GAE application ID as AppId, and remember to click the Apply button.

You can add more than one AppId.

II. How to Use Hyk-proxy

When the AppId is added, you can just click the Start button, and the Hyk-proxy will run like below:


But the Hyk-proxy will not work when your GAE application ID is blocked, in that case, you can try below two ways:

1. To connect Hyk-proxy with GTalk

hyk-proxy configuration

On the Connection configuration, enable XMPP, add your Gmail address and password as an XMPP account, then you can connect Hyk-proxy with GTalk.

Of course, you can also connect Hyk-proxy with other XMPP accounts.

2. To connect Hyk-proxy with http proxy

If you are running other proxy servers on your computer, you can also Enable Http Proxy and add the server port, such as below: 8580

This http proxy is for Freegate, and you can see how to set the port from the above image.

When the connection is workable, configure your browser’s http proxy to below address: 48100

For Firefox browser, the setting will be as below image:


For other browsers, the http proxy settings may be a little different.

That’s all about how to install and use Hyk-proxy, if you have any problems or questions, please leave a comment.

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