123system成立于2009年,是一家位于美国的主机提供商,近来在国外很受追捧,因为它低廉的价格,满足了不少刚出道的站长以及发展中国家站长的低价需求,对其主机质量,各方褒贬不一,但是价格确实吸引人,其linux vps主机不时提供$15美元/年的计划,想省钱的可以试试。


Dear ,


This is a courtesy e-mail to let you know we have free space in the Chicago,IL area and are looking to fill it.

We are offering the following plan in the Chicago,IL area for $15.00/year

Instant Setup!
Guaranteed RAM: 256MB
Burstable RAM: 512MB
Disk Space: 10GB
Bandwidth: 500GB/Month
Fair Share CPU
1 IP Address
SolusVM Control Panel

$15.00/year (USD)

This above plan can not be migrated under any circumstances to our Dallas,TX area or any other location that may become available.

The order link for the above plan is below (Direct Link):


This is an limited time plan and stock is subject to expire at any time. Once stock has expired on this plan then it will no longer be available in the future. Get it while it is still available!

If you no longer wish to receive e-mails from our company please e-mail abuse[at]123systems.net requesting your immediate removal.

Warm Regards,

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