Exabytes 是马来西亚最大的网路主机供应商、业务函概全世界,是马来西亚老牌的主机服务商,其服务器分别在马来西亚2个数据中心(吉隆坡Cyberjaya, Malaysia马来西亚)。先.net 域名大促销。


优惠:.net  域名 0.99RM, 折合成RMB 只需要2.11元!

开始时间:2011.6.14 9:00 am (北京时间)

结束时间:前100个.NET 域名,从101个域名变为10.99RM,换成RMB 也就23.4元,很不错哦!

付款方式:信用卡+paypal,建议选择paypal 付款安全一些!暂不知道普通卡绑定的paypal 是否能支付成功,大家可以试试! 


Domain Fever 2011 !

There are Bieber Fever, Durian Fever, Raining Fever and so on Fever. In conjuction with our 10th anniversary, Exabytes is excited to present to you our “DOMAIN FEVER 2011”

WHY WAIT? Come next month prices of domains will increase and you will have to pay more for the same domain name. ACT NOW!!! Secure this golden opportunity by registering your fancied .net domains now before the DOMAIN PRICES INCREASE!!!

.net domains are still UP FOR GRABS starting from RM0.99 first year!

However, if you’re not fast enough, prices will increase bit by bit, and when we sold the 100th domain, prices will increase to RM10.99! From our experience, 100 domains can be sold within 2 hours time!

Thus Act FAST! Grab one today!

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