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亚洲交友之填写w-8表格 – VPS Site-VPS信息站


Important Tax Information:
Your affiliate payment on Asia FriendFinder for GPID g*******(此处保密) has been approved; however, we will not be able to process future payments unless you have a valid W-8/W-9 tax form on file with us.

In order to file an information return with the IRS, we must obtain your correct Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to report income paid to you. Please ensure that you have a W-8/W-9 form on file with us in order to ensure timely payment. Log in to your account to fill out a W-8/W-9 form. Once signed, please mail or fax the completed form to:

Attn: Accounting Department
Various, Inc.
220 Humboldt Court
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
United States
Fax: 1(408) 744-9374

Important: Form W-9 form is for U.S. Resident or Resident Alien use only. For international affiliates, please fill out Form W-8.

Affiliate Program Manager
1(800) 388-0760 (Toll-free)
1(408) 745-5555 (Tel)




填好W8后,发送的邮箱地址是: dli@ffn.com

填W8只要填写 1-4部分,然后在下面签名加日期就可以了,并签上名就可以了. 非常简单.稍后放上图片说明.

专员的QQ号是: 345284760 (加他的时候,把你的GID,就是你的亚交账号注明一下)

亚洲交友中心的w-8 税表必须认真填写,并且填完之后,需要打印后签名,再扫描拍照发送到 dli@ffn.com 邮箱.


美国海外的会员都需要填写 w-8表格。 只需要填写1-4部分(用拼音), 然后在最下面签名,加上日期即可