CloudFlare 是一家功能非常强大的免费 CDN 免费加速服务。

什么是 CloudFlare

CloudFlare 是通过反向代理(reverse proxy)提供网站加速服务,为站长解决了 jpg/JS/CSS 这些静态文件到 CDN 上的问题,并且通过它部署在全球各大洲的缓存结点服务器(详细列表),提供高效的加速服务。

CloudFlare 除了基本的把网页的静态文件(jpg/JS/CSS)推送到它的服务器上之外,还提供了详细的网站流量报表,网站攻击的基本防御,JS 和 CSS 文件的自动 minify,以及其他许多方便的功能,并且这些服务都是免费的。

当然 CloudFlare 也有 PRO 收费版,相比免费版 24 小时才能看到报表,PRO 版的报表几乎是实时的,每 15 分钟就有一次统计,PRO 版还提供 SSL 连接等,不过对于普通用户来说,免费版本已经足够用了。



有没有代码嵌入,无需配置软件 – 只需点击一个小小的OL“复选框,你就大功告成了!






Howdy liu!
DreamHost is excited to announce a new partnership with CloudFlare, theweb’s easiest performance and security solution.
If we told you that you could start using CloudFlare today with yourDreamHost account – completely free – would you still respect us in themorning?
Well tell us how that works out tomorrow, because you can start usingCloudFlare TODAY with your DreamHost account – completely free.
But what is this “CloudFlare” of which we speak?  Sit down, because it’llprobably blow your mind, and that high-backed chair of yours will help tocontain some of the blast.
Our “CloudFlare Free” package is exactly that – free – and available toanyone with any domains hosted through DreamHost.
When your site is protected by CloudFlare your web pages will becached and optimized for speedy delivery so your visitors get some ofthe fastest page load times and best performance they’ve ever seen!
Sign up for our free CloudFlare package and your websites will load, onaverage, TWICE as fast for your sites’ visitors – regardless of where theyare located.  That’s CloudFlare’s claim – not ours – but from what we’veseen in our tests, it’s the real deal!
CloudFlare works behind the scenes to block known security threats.Abusive bots and crawlers will be automatically limited from wasting yourbandwidth and server resources.
In the end CloudFlare helps you, it helps us, and it helps your sites’visitors.
But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.   We’ve also worked closely withthe CloudFlare team to offer up an upgraded package that’s available*exclusively* to DreamHost customers.
“CloudFlare Plus” is a step-up in terms of optimization capabilities and,while a completely optional upgrade, weighs in at $9.95 per month.  Itadds features like automatic image optimization and support for SSL.
To enable CloudFlare on any of your DreamHost-hosted domains, just visit
Click the “Edit” button for any of your Fully Hosted domains, then simplyclick the “Enable CloudFlare” checkbox.  You’ll then be asked to choosebetween CloudFlare’s basic (FREE) plan, and the DreamHost-exclusiveCloudFlare Plus.
That’s it!  You don’t have to touch your website’s content at all.There’s no code to embed, no software to configure – just click one littleol’ checkbox and you’re done!
To learn more about CloudFlare, visit our website:
If 90 second videos are more your style, this one from the CloudFlare teamwraps up the whole experience exceptionally well:

We are truly delighted to offer CloudFlare to all DreamHost customers.  Webelieve it’s a great service and hope you take advantage of its freefeatures.
– Happy DreamHost New Feature Announcing Team
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