It is difficult to imagine how a minimum budget you can make cool three-way bookshelf speakers, but Yamaha has happened several times managed (by the way, information about these speakers can be found in Archive in Japanese company’s website). Yamaha NS-6490 looks like a museum piece, but in the design of these speakers have a lot of interesting details. Large thin-walled

Yamaha NS-6490 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers

vessel is sealed and stripped port, so – no output for additional sounds produced inside the box. 20-inch woofer due to the light diffuser paper
laminated covers almost the entire range of voice (see out to 2500 Hz). 10-inch midrange has cooled ferrofluid coil and very hard suspension (impregnated fabric) – he plays up to 8 kHz band. Tweeter – balanced dome polymer body covered aperture for expansion pattern.

Playing Yamaha NS-6490 initially discouraging. The tonal balance is far from ideal – accentuated the entire upper middle. But the more you listen to this acoustics, the more you find her advantages. In bright sound character it is very accurate in the transmission parts and manages to extract the nuances of the abyss in the crucial to the human ear band. Lowest preloaded components, but the main bass – pattern definition in the test group. He remembered a coherent attack and correct reverberation. Upper range a little touched up, but also very informative.


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Features :

  • These 3-Way speakers can be added anywhere in your your home component sound systemfront or rear speakers, even as auxiliary speakers for another room
  • Each speaker enclosure has 3 drivers – An 8 Woofer / a 4 Midrange / a 0.75 Dome Tweeter that work together to provide an extremely satisfying sound output that spans a 45Hz to 23kHz frequency response range
  • Magnetically shielded to suit home-theater applications
  • Black satin grille cloth is as aesthetically pleasing to the eyes as it is acoustically transparent to your ears
  • Handles 70 Watts continuous amplifier power or 140 Watts peak amplifier power for each channel

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If you need a very small bookshelf speaker, the Yamaha NS-6490 could be a good choice. We found it rather deficient, however, especially as a stereo music speaker or the main front speakers for a home theater system. It could, however, be a contender for the surround sound speakers in a system.